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IVECO Spain will present a Wing built on the new Iveco Daily 70c21 chassis during a Road Show


The Road Show organized by Iveco aims to present its new Daily 70c21 chassis. In order to do this, Indcar will present its new Wing.

The event will be held from February 17 to March 17 in the main cities of Spain. The vehicle has been specially built for the occasion, and has all the improvements of the new Daily: a 210 hp more powerful engine, 8-speed automatic Hi-Matic gearbox, LED headlights, new dashboard with ergonomic steering wheel and electric parking brake. It is equipped with i30 + seats in synthetic leather, usb in all areas and refrigerator.

This is a Wing 8.5 version of 28 seats. This version can be configured with up to 30 seats or with 26 seats and a large boot of 4 cubic meters.

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