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The fair held in Birmingham on October 2 and 3 featured an INDCAR model at its exhibition. It is one of the WING L8.5 models that have been manufactured for Westwey Coaches. The vehicle was exhibited at the stand of the distributor in England: Moseley Distributors.

The VIP finishes and its configuration of 30 seats plus driver aroused much interest among the visitors.

This vehicle is part of an order of 3 units that Westwey Coaches will use for the transport of the British Royal House.


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Indcar delivers 7 Mobi vehicles to Li-nea.


Indcar won the awarding of 7 units of urban vehicles for the fleet of Li-nea, in Italy.

The model is a Mobi City Class I, built on an Iveco chassis, added up to the two units, class II that have been recently delivered. With a length of 7.99 meters and a Euro Vic motorization, the vehicles are state-of-the-art and are equipped with WiFi network and double automatic rear door, that allows a comfortable and wide access for wheelchairs. It has also a space for reduced mobility passengers and a manual ramp. The vehicle has 42 places, out of which 17+2 seats and other 23 standing places. It has also an internal audio surveillance system, AVM system for the geolocation of the vehicle and bus stop announcement. The delivery of the vehicle was performed through our provider from the Maresca & Fiorentino area.

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Indcar is committed to the reduction and recycling of waste


Indcar is committed to the environment. For this reason, it has started a plan of continuous improvement regarding the reduction of resources and raw materials consumption, the search of new materials that involve an environmental improvement – as well as the use of new less polluting solvents – and a waste management in accordance with ISO 14001. For this, continuous training and periodic audits are held that allow detecting the improvement opportunities and reducing, reusing, recycling materials better.

Currently Indcar recycles paper, plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminium, iron, copper, packaging waste and special waste such as residues of solvents, paints, aerosols and absorbent materials.

 This also implies our providers, to whom we require the most demanding production standards in order to reduce the environmental footprint of Indcar’s vehicles.

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Indcar attended the conference on sustainable mobility in Lanzarote


Indcar attended the conference on the sustainability of an autonomous and electric mobility project of the national park of Timanfaya, considered as a biosphere reserve and a world heritage site. The conference started with a tour through the park in order to observe the orthography and needs the transport through this park requires. It was followed by a colloquium regarding the main options and challenges the carrier must respond to in places as unique as Timanfaya, in the island of Lanzarote


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Indcar France delivers two units of Mobi Low Entry


The headquarters of Indcar in France have delivered to Voyages Archambault two units of Mobi Low Entry, with a ramp on the front side. This time their need for a compact urban transport adapted to PRM made them chose a Mobi Low Entry, that has an automatic ramp, metro type double door and urban seats. They shall be used for interurban transport and for serving regular lines.

In the image you can see Guy Payraudeau delivering the keys to Patrick Archambault


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A Next L8 for Brec Viaggi


The offices of Indcar in Italy delivered a Next L8 built on an Iveco chassis for Brec Viaggi, through the distributor of Stefanelli area.

The vehicle is equipped with Fouce i40+ seats with footrest for an extra comfort, beside air conditioning, multimedia equipment, guide microphone….The Next L8 has a capacity for 33 passengers, besides the seat for the guide.


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The Strada e-City electric vehicle was presented during the Rally of Classic Buses held in Barcelona


During the weekend of 9 to 10 of June an exhibition of classic buses was held in Paseo Maria Cristina, where the prototype of electric vehicle that Indcar is currently developing together with TMB, among other partners, was also displayed. Currently the project is in the last testing phase in Barcelona, making the tour with the passengers.

Indcar was also the official sponsor of the Rally, that took place between Barcelona and Caldes de Montbuí.

Here you can see the video of the exhibition

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The Strada e-City will be exposed at the International Classic Bus Rally held in Barcelona



The tenth edition of the event will take place in Barcelona, on June 8 and 9. On Maria Cristina promenade visitors will be able to see old vehicles that will be exposed Saturday, June 8.

There, the visitors will be able to see and solve their doubts related to Strada e-city Low Entry electric minibus.

On Saturday, June 9, the rally of classic buses will take place, going from Barcelona to Caldes de Montbuí and totalling 25 km.

As in the previous editions, Indcar will be one of the sponsors of the event, having more than 50 historical buses exposed.

Check all the activies here:

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Elegance Limousines buys a Mago2


In order to offer a VIP service, Elegance Limousines has relied once again on Mago 2 model of Indcar. It is a very customized model, where the interior colours and the exterior signalling have been changed. A warm interior has been chosen, with leather seats and wood tables. Moreover, it has multiple details for a VIP finishing: refrigerator, screen, USB input, wood covering….

Mago2 model is ideal for touristic services and VIP’s transfer. Its unique design and great reliability make it a model that knew how to survive with its own aesthetics.

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Indcar delivers 4 Mobi vehicles to Tiemme, in Italy


Tiemme renewed its fleet with four interurban Mobi vehicles of 8.5 meters length thanks to the distributor of the area Maresca & Fiorentino. The vehicles have WiFi network, front and rear single door and the rear part adapted for wheelchair with manual platform.

The vehicle has 33 seats, out of which 26+2 seats and 5 standing places. Thanks to the Avm system the vehicles can be geolocated and announce the bus stop. Here is what the manager of Tieem, Piero Sassoli, says about the vehicles “we are dealing with extra-urban vehicles of 8.5 meters length, a Euro 6 engine and minimum pollution levels and last generation equipment on board in terms of security and comfort, for the benefit of the passengers and our driving staff.”

The Mobi model is the most sold of Indcar range, with more than 180 units sold during 2018. By the end of the year its interior was renewed and the exterior is expected to be changed by the new chassis of Iveco Daily.

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