Indcar has been awarded the manufacture of 11 interurban minibuses for the province of Buskerud, in Norway. The lot is part of the renewal of the fleet that the operator Vy Buss is carrying out in the area. There will be 34 buses, out of which 11 will be minibuses.

The minibuses will be of the Mobi City L8.5 model, built on Iveco Daily 70c18 chassis, with Hi-Matic automatic transmission and TELMA electric brake. The vehicles will have a 2 + 2 distribution, with capacity for 34 passengers (26 seated and 8 standing). They will be equipped with USB inputs to charge mobile phones and the passenger seats will have isofix, to be able to anchor baby seats during the travel. The driver’s seat is ergonomic and with air suspension. Since they are vehicles for the Nordic market, the heating and insulation are extra for the harsh weather conditions. The minibus is equipped with double side windows throughout the vehicle and a heated windscreen. In addition, it has protection systems such as a double automatic fire extinguishing system or Alcoholock, which prevents the vehicle from starting without the driver doing a test with the breathalyser previously. The Mobi City urban minibuses have a rear lowering and ample space for wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility.

The first minibuses will enter Indcar’s production line in the coming weeks and will be delivered in April 2021

Indcar has previously made urban vehicles for Nordic countries, such as Denmark, Greenland or Finland. The Nordic market is a growth market for Indcar and one of the most strategic due to the high demand for urban and intercity transport minibuses.