At the beginning of 2024, INDCAR completed the delivery of a total of 23 units to Vy Buss AB, one of the most important bus companies in Sweden, through IVECO Bus NORDICS.

A sale that was formed by a first delivery of 11 units, carried out during the year 2023, and has been completed with 12 more units at the beginning of 2024.

At the moment, the minibuses are already in circulation in the southwest of Sweden, carrying out the school service offered by Vy Buss AB. Specifically, in the town of Kungälv and throughout the province of Dalsland, with towns totaling more than 50,500 inhabitants.

The model in question is a MOBI low entry model with 8.5 meters in length, adapted to the specific needs of the client. With capacity for 21 seated passengers and one wheelchair, all vehicles have been equipped with special heating for Nordic countries, with an additional system to guarantee the start of the vehicle according to weather conditions, in addition to external speakers and exterior lighting. In addition to the supply of two adapters to charge the battery.