The transport company AST Palermo has added 7 Indcar minibuses to its fleet. These are 4 units of the Next L9 minibus model and 3 units of the Mobi City L8 urban minibus model.

Renewal of the city and intercity fleet

For the urban transport, the Italian operator has chosen the Mobi City L8 model, built on an Iveco Daily 70c18 chassis. These minibuses are equipped with a manual rear ramp and configured to transport passengers around the city. The renewal of the city bus and minibus fleet is a key factor in reducing pollution in the cities, as the latest generation diesel engines, the so-called EURO VI, reduce particulate emissions by 50% compared to the previous versions.

For intercity and line transport, AST Palermo has chosen the 9 meters Next model built on an Iveco cc150 chassis. These minibuses have a seating capacity of 35 passengers and are equipped with an extended central door and electro-hydraulic wheelchair platform. This configuration allows optimizing an excellent relation between the internal spaces of the vehicle and the space of trunk.

Italy, a successful model for Indcar

AST Palermo relies on Indcar for the renewal of its fleet. The acquisition has been made through the dealer IVECO TRINACRIA S.p.A. Indcar has a strong presence in Italy, and since 2012 has its own headquarters in the city of Modena. Some of the latest projects in the boot country have been 30 urban minibus units for the city of Rome or 5 minibus units for Valle de Scrivia. Our headquarters in Italy has a sales and after-sales team and its own warehouse, which operate throughout the country. Proximity and service are key to the growth the brand is experiencing in Italy, becoming Indcar’s number 1 market.

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