We all know that finding a manufacturer to renew the bus fleet can be a difficult decision and many factors must be taken into account. Not only the characteristics of the final product, because for a fleet of minibuses you must also take into account factors such as after-sales service, spare parts and technical assistance, especially for a product that has such a long-life cycle.

At Indcar we know how important quality, trust and service are. For all this we present you 7 good reasons for choosing us as bodybuilders:

1. Company founded in 1888.

We have been bodybuilders for over 130 years. We are a century-old company. We were, are and will be in the future with our customers. By buying an Indcar minibus you can be sure that tomorrow there will be someone on the other side to make a repair or send you an important document regarding your minibus.

2. We are specialists in minibuses.

The after-sales service and the quality of the finishes of our bodies are two of our strengths.

We are bodybuilders and we have been doing this for a long time. We have a highly specialized human team in bodywork. We can guarantee high quality both in our minibuses and in the after-sales service

3. We adapt to the needs of your fleet.

Our range of minibuses is the widest in Europe. But if the existing models do not provide a solution to your need as an operator, we can design the ideal vehicle that your fleet needs.

4. We are an international bodybuilder.

We have our own offices in Spain, France and Italy and agreements with official distributors throughout Europe. We provide service and spare parts in all the countries in which we sell.

5. We have quality certifications from the main chassis manufacturers.

We have the certification seals of the main chassis manufacturers. In addition, we are ISO9001 certified and comply with all European body manufacturing standards.

6. We are a trustworthy partner.

At Indcar we work closely with our clients. We put all our know-how in each project. We like to take on challenges and take them forward. Proof of this is the manufacturing collaboration agreement with Iveco.

7. We are a great human team

At Indcar we are more than 250 professionals, highly specialized in the bodywork of minibuses

It seems obvious but it is so. Indcar is made up of people. We make an almost handmade product and there is always someone behind the phone to assist you with any question about your minibus. We like to serve our clients first hand, and the doors of our house are always wide open

Contact us to arrange a visit, a call or enter our website to learn more about us and our history.