In the sale and manufacture of a minibus there are many processes that are being carried out: from the initial definition, planning, configuration of the finishes and equipment up to the final manufacture and delivery. But equally important is the tuning of the vehicle and the training of the operator on its operation and maintenance.

Team training is key to getting the most out of the minibuses

It is in this phase that Indcar’s after-sales technical service (SAT) comes in. In each delivery, the assigned technician trains the end customer, often going to the facilities where the delivery is made, to train all the people involved in the project. This training is a key factor since the operators, drivers and technicians have the possibility to learn first-hand the operation of all the elements that make up the minibus, especially when they are urban and interurban minibuses and are equipped with a multitude of passive, active safety and control elements of the fleets.

Highly specialized technicians at your service

Before delivering any vehicle, it goes through an exhaustive verification and tuning process at the Indcar facilities. But later, training and delivery are essential, being carried out by a highly specialized technician. Indcar has after-sales teams in all its commercial offices (Spain, Italy and France) and also another one dedicated to the rest of the export market.

Beside the operator for the entire useful life of the minibus

This same team will be in charge of resolving any incident that the vehicles may have throughout their useful life. The vocation for service and proximity to the customer are in the DNA of Indcar, and for this reason the team works every day to improve the after-sales and spare parts service.