Last Monday on the 25th, the 1000th Mobi vehicle was delivered to Cialone. Within its fleet, Cialone has more than 100 Mobi urban vehicles, and the delivery of the 1000th one has confirmed the commitment of the Roman operator regarding Indcar’s urban vehicles.

The delivery was celebrate also with the dealer Iveco Romana Diesel. The dealer has been key in the success of the Mobi in the italian market. Romana itself has sold more than 200 units from the 1000 that have been sold in all Europe.

During the celebration, Gaël Queralt delivered to Guglielmo Cialone a mock-up of the labelled vehicle in order to commemorate this symbolic figure, which was achieved thanks to the support and trust of all who have opted for this model since 2013.

The Mobi urban vehicle line has recently expanded with the inclusion of shorter versions and by 2020 Indcar’s focus is to develop various gas-powered solutions. The urban segment is being reinforced within Indcar’s portfolio as being the one with the highest growth.