After-sales service is one of the most important axes at Indcar. In its effort to improve day by day and adapt to new ways of communication, the company has implemented a new tool to improve the management of incidents and the activation of guarantees.

The SAT department has a new incident management system integrated into Indcar’s central ERP that allows better attention and traceability of the same. This new system speeds up processes allowing the team to be more efficient, managing and solving incidents in less time.

One of the main characteristics of this system is that it allows any member of the team to know the status of each of the claims in order to be able to carry out a detailed follow-up even if the assigned technician is not available at that time.

Another improvement that is being implemented is the activation of guarantees. The digitization of this process is much more convenient and faster for the client, who saves all the sending of documentation by post, and has a specific platform where all the documents that the after-sales and quality department needs are attached.

The customer is at the centre of Indcar’s strategy and the After-Sales and Quality department implements improvements that offer the owners of any Indcar vehicle an excellent service throughout the life cycle of their minibus.