INDCAR has just supplied the first 14 MOBI City L8 with IVECO Bus in the Campania Region, Southern Italy. A delivery that is part of the 72 total vehicles acquired by ACAMIR.

With this delivery, we begin a new stage of INDCAR in the Campania Region, contributing to the decarbonization of the local public transport fleet.

The tender pursued the objective of having low-emission vehicles, switching from diesel to natural gas, a challenge that has been achieved thanks to INDCAR’s 510L CNG solution.

Presentation of the new vehicles

The presentation took place on November 6 at the main headquarters of ACAMIR, a company that manages the urban transport service in the Campania Region, and was attended by authorities such as Vincenzo De Luca, the president of the region.

The delivery of the batch of 72 vehicles will occur between the end of this year and the first months of 2024.

The 72 MOBI City L8, supplied by IVECO Bus, are powered by compressed natural gas and have a total capacity of 510 L. A unique solution on the market developed by the INDCAR R&D team, which doubles the autonomy with respect to the original chassis, preserving the total weight of the vehicle and the number of seats.

All vehicles have a capacity for 17 seated passengers and 15 standing passengers, in addition to the driving position and a place for wheelchair users, who will access via a manual ramp.

What new features does this MOBI City L8 present?

As a novelty, in these MOBI City L8 the single-panel rear door becomes a double-panel sliding door, which improves accessibility and agility for passengers in wheelchairs.

The security system is also another aspect worth highlighting, since fire control has been significantly improved. An automatic extinguishing system has been added to the engine area, in addition to a direct entrance from the outside that facilitates extinction by emergency services.

Apart from all this, the MOBI City L8 are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), reversing camera, AVM on-board system, video surveillance, passenger counter and route indicator displays.

The future of INDCAR in the Campania Region

“INDCAR’s first delivery in the Campania Region was in 2019 and since then a total of 146 units have been delivered,” says Gaël Queralt, CEO of the company. “However, with this delivery a new path begins since we provide a more sustainable vehicle with the same capabilities as the previous one,” adds the manager.

INDCAR’s forecast is to continue contributing to the decarbonization of the Campania Region’s fleet over the coming years, as the delivery of another new order of 45 units has already been confirmed, divided into two deliveries for the years 2024 and 2025. On this future occasion, the vehicles will be the MOBI City L7 gas model and distributed by SOCOM NUOVA, IVECO’s dealer in Italy.