In line with its policy to improve its environment, Indcar Bus Industries, a company of the Indcar group based in Romania, made in 2019 donations to projects that help people with terminal illnesses and associations of children and adults with autism.

With the money Hope House Hospice, a hospital for terminally ill patients, could get a new vehicle to transport patients, 4 new beds and equipment for the hospital laundry.

Other associations that received donation were the Crystal Children Association, dedicated to treating children and adults with autism and supporting their families. With the donated money, they could install a heating system and bought computer equipment such as tablets and software in order to communicate better, among other things.

The third and last association that received a donation from Ibi was Ray of Hope Association, also focused on helping children with autism. The money was invested in educational materials used in therapies.

The Indcar group thus actively participates in improving the living conditions of its community. The group’s CSR policy is at the heart of its activity, always trying to invest in improving the quality of life of the people around it. Among the group’s values are sustainability and working for the well-being of people, always trying to have an impact on the immediate environment and in groups with difficulties, who need means to carry out their great social work.

We are all Indcar!