On June 17th, Romana Diesel, Iveco dealer for central Italy, delivered 10 CNG Indcar Mobi in the school-bus version to Trotta company, a company based in Rome and activities that cover wide areas of the Italian territory. Trotta has a fleet of 230 buses and over 450 employees and is engaged in various mission profiles.

Indcar CNG minibus for school service

The school buses delivered to Trotta have been manufactured by Indcar on an IVECO Daily 70C14 chassis, have a total length of 8.6 meters and a wheelbase of 4.75. The engine, fuelled by natural gas, provides a power of 136 horsepower for a maximum torque of 350 newton meters. The gearbox, on the other hand, is mechanical with six gears, while high autonomy is guaranteed by the 246-liter methane tanks. All Indcar minibuses are equipped with the AVM device that integrates a particular surveillance system to guarantee greater safety for passengers and staff on board. Drivers also have an on-board tablet with which they interface, on the network, with the ScuolaApp application to guarantee a better transport service.

Federico Campilli, CEO of Romana Diesel

«The renewal of the school bus fleet is a priority for the area in order to ensure maximum safety for our students. New school buses mean contributing to the improvement of the service and to reducing emissions “, declared Federico Campilli, CEO of Romana Diesel. «The Iveco Indcar GNC buses delivered to Trotta, our historical partner, comply with the latest regulations in terms of safety and emissions, complete with every state-of-the-art solution in on-board systems and sanitized upstream with a photocatalytic system; they represent the state of the art of this market segment in which Romana Diesel is a leader».

Indcar minibus, leader in Italy

The delivery is part of the important tender, awarded last November 25th, that the city of Rome has called for the school transport service. The tender was divided into four lots (not cumulative), in which each successful bidder had to put 40 vehicles into service. For its lot, Trotta procured 19 vehicles from Romana Diesel, purchasing the Indcar Mobi Daily, all on natural gas. Trotta is today one of the main “testimonials” of Mobi (City and School) for the size of its fleet in Italy. A combination, that between the mini Indcar and the Roman territory, which has deep roots. If we broaden our gaze on the Lazio, in fact, the numbers are impressive. In Lazio alone, more than 200 Indcar Mobi units in urban version have been delivered to date.