Following up on its commitment to renew the fleet, enhance the service and better cover all areas of the region, Autolinee Toscane has chosen Indcar as its ally in this mission. And in fact, in 2022 that we have left behind, the sole operator of the Tuscan LPT purchased from the Spanish coachbuilder Class I and Class II buses of reduced dimensions to adapt in the most appropriate way to the needs of the territory and local communities of some specific areas of Tuscany: from the Garfagnana to the province of Siena, from the Pistoia mountains to the Chianti hills, to Amiata

Indcar Mobi minibuses for Autolinee Toscane

Going into the merits of the delivery – managed by Maresca and Fiorentino, exclusive Iveco Bus dealership for Emilia Romagna, Marche, Tuscany and Umbria, with 25 years of experience in the field of bus sales and aftersales – Autolinee Toscane welcomed 21 Mobi minibuses.

Of the twenty-one vehicles ordered and delivered to AT, the vast majority are Class II: in fact, there are sixteen extra-urban minibuses, 8.5 meters long, and five city buses, 8 meters long. All Indcar buses have the same Euro 6 engine. The main feature of the Mobi is that of adapting to the particular characteristics of the territory they move in, along narrow and often uphill roads, without losing agility for the driver and the safety of passengers on board

Why Autolinee Toscane has chosen Indcar Mobi minibuses?

The president of Autolinee Toscane, Gianni Bechelli, explained the reason for this choice: «Our renewal of buses, during the first year saw the arrival of 200 new vehicles and among these we also chose the purchase of extra-urban vehicles smaller than those we are used to seeing in circulation, precisely to better adapt to the particular needs of certain areas of our regional territory, both in terms of practicability of roads and effective demand for passengers on board, with the intention to make public transport closely aligned with the actual needs of our users».