Indcar won the awarding of 7 units of urban vehicles for the fleet of Li-nea, in Italy. The model is a Mobi City Class I, built on an Iveco chassis, added up to the two units, class II that have been recently delivered. With a length of 7.99 meters and a Euro Vic motorization, the vehicles are state-of-the-art and are equipped with WiFi network and double automatic rear door, that allows a comfortable and wide access for wheelchairs. It has also a space for reduced mobility passengers and a manual ramp. The vehicle has 42 places, out of which 17+2 seats and other 23 standing places. It has also an internal audio surveillance system, AVM system for the geolocation of the vehicle and bus stop announcement. The delivery of the vehicle was performed through our provider from the Maresca & Fiorentino area.