The INDCAR Group, leader in the sector of ecological minibuses, continues its policy focused on sustainability. An action that sees INDCAR engaged both in the creation of our sustainable products and the scrupulous production processes that represent the strategic pillar of the company. INDCAR has obtained certification with ISO 14001 by implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS).

In particular, ISO 14001 expresses the ability of an organization to fulfill its environmental policy and to comply with applicable laws to limit pollution and to constantly improve its performance. The Environmental Management System represents a tool that allows an organization to comply with current regulations and to develop a self-control system that identifies and manages the impacts it has or could have on the environment.

This way, the INDCAR Group once again demonstrates its commitment by taking on commitments and responsibilities for the continuous improvement of its production processes, reducing the environmental impact and continuing to generate value for customers, employees and the entire company.

“With this certification we redefine our management policy by involving all the staff of the group so that they have an active role in achieving the organization’s objectives, making commitments in terms of quality management, prevention of occupational risks and the environment”, stated Gaël Queralt , CEO of Indcar.

These commitments are aimed at the promotion and continuous improvement of processes, the inclusion and integration of environmental aspects and sustainability criteria in all the company’s activities and decisions, as well as environmental protection and compliance with applicable laws.

Likewise, the INDCAR Group promotes the concept of sustainability by betting on the responsible use of fuels and raw materials, monitoring and reducing emissions into the atmosphere, minimizing the production of waste, improving the design of vehicles so that they are increasingly sustainable through our research and development department and promoting low-emission vehicles

“The protection of the environment is everyone’s responsibility – concludes Queralt – with these operations the INDCAR Group wants to make a concrete contribution to protecting the future of the Planet and creating value for the territories and citizens”.