Indcar minibuses conquer Italy. In fact, last June, Indcar delivered two other Mobi City urban minibuses to Tpl Linea, the company that manages the urban transport service in the Savona area. The two minibuses are to be added to the other 6 units already delivered to Tpl Linea, at the beginning of 2022. Also in this case, the sale and delivery have been followed by the Iveco Orecchia dealer, official distributor of North-West Italy.

Indcar Mobi City, seven meters through the city

The Indcar Mobi City is the best solution for urban centres. These are, in fact, minibuses built on an Iveco Daily chassis with a length of 7 meters, a technical solution that allows the Indcar minibus a good operation in city traffic and on the narrow streets that characterize the historic centres of most European cities. The skeleton, that is the structure, is homologated for 2007/46 and is completely metallic and subjected to anti-corrosion treatment. The external coatings, on the other hand, are in fiberglass with metal inserts.

Indcar, the 44-seater minibus

Indcar Mobi City minibuses are Class I homologated, have a width of about 2.2 meters and are able to carry up to 44 passengers. The front access door has 3 doorsteps that allow access from the ground to the access floor. The rear door of the vehicle is lowered and a wheelchair parking area is provided.

Minibus Indcar, sustainability is at home

Indcar minibuses are built on Iveco Daily 70C18 Euro VI chassis. In order to move the Indcar minibus it has a four-cylinder common rail of the latest generation for a displacement of 3 liters that delivers 180 horsepower. FPT Industrial’s Euro VI diesel engines reduce CO2 emissions by 50% compared to data relating to previous standards (Euro V and Euro IV). Indcar Mobi City accepts, and wins, the double challenge: creating minibuses that are sustainable both from an environmental and economic point of view.

Mobi City, safety and comfort

The minibuses are equipped with urban seats, internal video surveillance system, TELMA electric brake, Hi-Matic 8-speed gearbox, partition wall to protect the driver, passenger entrance and exit control, line signs and integral tactile system that groups all the functions of the vehicle in one device.