The fair will take place on October 14, 15 and 16 at the Lyon fair area. For this exceptional year, INDCAR will exhibit 3 models: a Wing L8,5, a Mobi Low Entry and the novelty for 2020-2021, a Mobi City with a CNG engine and extended Indcar tanks that give it twice autonomy than the original tanks.

INDCAR has developed this year the widest range of gas-powered minibuses in Europe. In addition to the standard solutions built on Iveco Daily 70c14 CNG chassis, an exclusive Indcar solution is added that replaces the standard tanks with others that double the capacity and reach up to 510 liters.

This range is available for Mobi models, ideal for school transport, Mobi City, the urban vehicle with lowered rear suspension in its L7 and L8 versions, both class I and class II and the iconic Wing model, in the L7 version with platform and in the L8 version with extended trunk.

Visitors of Lyon will be able to see the Mobi City L8 class I version, an ideal vehicle for the city, with lower emissions and an extended range that makes it perfect for urban circuits. An ecological solution for passengers and efficient for the operator.

During the fair, the necessary sanitary measures will be applied in order to ensure the health of all visitors and exhibitors. The protocols will require the use of a mandatory mask, temperature measurement at the fair entrances, safety distance between visitors and exhibitors and the use of hand sanitizer gel.