In 2013 we decided to embark on a new journey at INDCAR, heading to Romania with the aim of expanding our productive capacity and growing as a company.

At Prejmer we found the perfect location and the most talented staff to develop this strategy and facilitate internationalization. And since then, 10 years have passed!

For this reason, on June 16 and 17 we organized a festivity with the Romanian suppliers and all the staff, who have supported and helped us since the beginning of this project.

And how did we celebrate it? We explain it to you below!

A very special Friday

On June 16, the INDCAR factory in Prejmer woke up to receive suppliers from Romania. We gathered them in a room, where they had lunch and assisted to a presentation of the company made by the CEO of INDCAR, Gaël Queralt.

We continued the day with a guided tour of the facilities, and ended up toasting and immortalizing the moment with a beautiful photograph!


Once this part of the day dedicated to suppliers was over, the activities for our team began: a joint meal accompanied by music and recognition prizes. More than 50% of the employees have been in the company for more than 5 years, half since its creation!


We also gave a special gift to all Prejmer female colleagues, vindicating the role of women in our company. A team full of great women that we will continue to expand!


We open the doors to the children of INDCAR!

On Saturday, June 17, we organized an Open Day for the relatives of the INDCAR team in Romania. An ideal opportunity to teach the little ones the workplace of each one.

A day they also discovered the exhibition of children’s drawings made by the INDCAR children who participated!


Thank you very much to all of you for joining us on this magical day! Now, let’s continue celebrating years and successes together!