INDCAR has obtained the tender for 30 electric vehicles for the Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT), the entity responsible for public transport in Turin. A delivery that symbolizes the beginning of INDCAR’s electrical solutions in Italy.

The new electric minibuses will be used to implement the provisions of the “Nuovo Trasporto Torino” plan, in relation to the redesign of the Star lines in the urban center of Turin.

This urban contest includes the purchase of a first lot of 22 units and the possibility of purchasing another 8 optional ones.

New electric model e-B6

The award to INDCAR has been possible thanks to the e-B6 electric model, the company’s new 6-meter minibus that meets the specifications required by the GTT.

The e-B6 is presented as a sustainable alternative in urban public transport, designed for short journeys, with more than 250 kilometers of autonomy, in E-SORT 1, and with capacity for a total of up to 35 passengers, very compact and with great maneuverability.

“GTT’s ecological transition project aims to be complete and cover all types of services. For this reason, to the great offer of standard, normal and articulated buses, we have added the purchase of smaller vehicles, suitable to serve a crucial area such as the historic center and to manage the project of the new Star lines to make the city center accessible by public transport, in a general way and with zero-impact vehicles,” explains Serena Lancione, general director of GTT.

“The guarantee of high quality of INDCAR vehicles has been decisive for the award of this tender,” declares Gaël Queralt, CEO of INDCAR. “We work to offer innovative and sustainable solutions, and with the e-B6 we intend to contribute to the decarbonization of cities, like Turin,” adds the manager.

The delivery of the first batch of the contract with GTT will be 10 units and will take place at the end of 2024 and the rest of 12 units will be at the beginning of 2025.

First real tests in Turin

Before the end of 2023, last December the electric minibus already carried out real tests in the city of Turin with the INDCAR technical team, on the routes defined by the GTT to evaluate the performance of the vehicle in the most complicated or difficult areas.

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