As a leading coachbuilder, Indcar adapts to all types of passengers, including the little ones. Discover the different models of school minibus to enjoy excursions and school routes with all the guarantees of quality and safety.






The essential minibus

Functional and robust. Small in appearance from the outside, you will be surprised by its spacious and functional interior surface.


School transport with less emissions

Functional and robust. Although it may seem small from the outside, you will be surprised by its wide and functional interior surface. Its CNG engine makes it very efficient and sustainable.


The reference minibus

A renovated range that offers more space, more seats, more comfort and better equipment. It is more spacious, more comfortable and better equipped as to become even more versatile.


The largest minibus, with a natural gas engine.

A more sustainable range that offers more space, more seats, more comfort and better equipment. Comfort and low emissions.

School transport is essential for meeting the needs of all students

School transport is a necessity in many territories, where educational areas and services are divided in order to offer the maximum options to the maximum number of students. School routes are a very interesting option for passenger transport companies, since they ensure services throughout the school period. However, since it is a mean of transport whose users are minors, this modality establishes very strict requirements for transport companies in order to access these routes, and a series of regulations must be met to maintain authorization.

School transportation must meet stringent requirements

Some of the elements to take into account in order to offer school transportation services are:

The age of the fleet:

It depends on the legislation in each country, but the vehicles must be less than 10 years old at the beginning of the school year. This element is very important in order to ensure the safety of the children, since the newest vehicles have extra passive and active safety technologies. Renewing the fleet with school minibuses is always much more advantageous, since their acquisition and maintenance cost is lower and their size allows more flexibility in carrying out the routes.

Technical characteristics of the vehicles:

In addition to the basic requirements of any bus or minibus to pass technical inspections, those dedicated to school transport have additional requirements, such as the partition for the driver, additional barriers for seats facing stairs, they must have seats with two- or three-point safety belts… It is essential when purchasing a school minibus, to do it with a specialized bodybuilder, who knows all the technical details and approvals that the vehicle must comply with.

The importance of having a highly specialized bodybuilder

Indcar has more than 130 years of experience in passenger transport as bodybuilder. The great knowledge of its technical team has created a range that meets the highest quality standards in terms of school transport. Indcar school minibuses ensure maximum safety and comfort for students on their daily journeys. A range that has the Mobi, Wing and Next models and goes from 8 to 10 meters, with capacity for up to 42 people.