Comfortable minibuses for long-distance trips? Indcar’s tourist transport fleet provides a solution to your needs. A range adapted both for road trips and for urban tourism. Now it also offers gas-powered minibus models, with minimal levels of pollution.






The reference minibus

A renovated range that offers more space, more seats, more comfort and better equipment. It is more spacious, more comfortable and better equipped as to become even more versatile.


The largest minibus, with a natural gas engine.

A more sustainable range that offers more space, more seats, more comfort and better equipment. Comfort and low emissions

Minibuses for tourist and discretionary services

Safety, reliability and comfort are characteristics that are sought in a good tourist transport by road. Minibuses are ideal options for this type of service. With a smaller number of seats available, flexibility for different services is ensured with the tourist and discretionary transport minibuses.

For services that enter and leave the city: gas motorization

The available motorizations vary between Euro VI diesel and CNG. Gas minibuses, which have ECO labels in terms of emissions, are very suitable for operators that offer tourist services in cities, or that have to get in and out of them, for example, offering services from airports or offering excursions to the visitors arriving via cruise ships. The minibuses of this type, class III, are also ideal for shuttle services.

High customization of each unit

For the most VIP and demanding services, these minibuses allow many different distributions and customizations, from heated leather seats, wardrobes, coffee area, meeting tables… Indcar tourist minibuses are highly customizable with noble materials such as wood and leather. The design of the Indcar minibuses takes full advantage of the internal space, thus gaining comfort for both passengers and drivers: wider space between seats, more ergonomics in the driving space, extra-large trunks for up to 40 suitcases…

Indcar minibuses are recognized for their design and quality

 Indcar tourist and discretionary services minibuses are recognized for their high quality and for the multitude of finishes available, to make each unit a unique vehicle fully adapted to the needs of each operator. Proof of this are the different recognitions that the Indcar Next model has won: Best Minibus of the Year in 2015, 2017 and 2018.