The ranges of sustainable minibuses are Indcar’s current commitment to what will be the urban transport of the future. In addition, all the minibuses are adapted to the needs of any citizen and designed to travel through narrow streets and take care of the city with their low emissions






The essential minibus

Functional and robust. Small in appearance from the outside, you will be surprised by its spacious and functional interior surface.


The minibus designed for the city

Ideal for narrow streets and with an Euro6 Engine that assure minimum levels of pollution.


The most accessible minibus

The wide areas for wheelchair, buggies, or disabled people make it the most comfortable and inclusive option.


School transport with less emissions

Functional and robust. Although it may seem small from the outside, you will be surprised by its wide and functional interior surface. Its CNG engine makes it very efficient and sustainable.


The most sustainable urban minibus.

The most sustainable CNG urban range. Ideal for narrow street areas, it has lowered rear suspension. Available in 7 and 8 meters.

Urban transport is transforming

Cities are being transformed, moving from a model that is very focused on the individual and gives a lot of space to the private vehicle to a model designed for the group that gives the citizens the possibility to enjoy public spaces. The creation of islands, parks, smoke-free spaces… are reconsidering mobility in cities.

The city minibus is key to this transformation

Minibuses that go from 31 to 44 seats, and from 7 to 8 and a half meters. Compact on the outside but very spacious on the inside, Indcar’s range of Mobi City and Mobi Low Entry city and interurban minibuses is the widest in Europe. Available in diesel and gas engines, our minibuses are built on an Iveco Daily chassis, with all the guarantees of the chassis manufacturer.

The ideal solution to reach all corners for European cities.

European cities are characterized by historical centres with narrow and crowded streets that are difficult to access by larger public transport means, for this reason urban minibuses are an ideal solution for structuring transport in cities and it very important for this essential service to reach all city corners.

They are also a very effective tool for on-demand transport projects, where minibuses play an essential role, due to their acquisition and maintenance cost lower than that of a vehicle with a higher tonnage.

Sustainable, efficient and safe urban transport

Indcar’s urban minibuses are ecological, efficient and low emissions, thanks to their gas engine, which, in addition to Indcar’s exclusive innovation of XL tanks, double the range, avoiding stops to refuel and facilitating the execution of the route by the operators. Minibuses that comply with the low-emission zones and which have a lower acquisition and maintenance cost, thus facilitating the renewal of fleets in order to offer citizens sustainable, efficient and safe transport.

Indcar urban and intercity minibuses are built in our facilities, with top brand components, quality certificates and know-how of more than 130 years.