The Sevillian town has made a public invitation for bid regarding the acquisition of two minibuses that are to replace others in service for more than 15 years. These are two Mobi City L8 models, with capacity for 37 passengers (17 seated, 20 standing and a wheelchair). With a lower rear suspension, these city minibuses are provided with a manual ramp for access by wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility.

The new minibuses will improve the quality of service and the safety and comfort of passengers. Built on an Iveco Daily 70c18 Euro VI chassis, they ensure lower pollution levels than the previous models, since this regulation reduces emissions by 50% compared to the previous regulation.

These two units have already entered Indcar’s production line and are expected to be delivered in June.

The renewal of urban and interurban fleets is the key for fighting against air pollution. New ecological technologies and advances in existing technologies, such as the Euro VI diesel engine, together with more efficient vehicle designs (lower weight and lower consumption) mean a very significant reduction in emissions that affect air quality.

Indcar urban minibuses, increasingly present in Spanish cities

The City Hall of Morón de la Frontera thus joins other Spanish municipalities that already have Indcar urban minibuses, such as Ontinyent, in Valencia, or Badalona. The island of Mallorca also received a few months ago a consignment of 9 Indcar CNG interurban vehicles, with expanded tanks.

The urban transport by minibus is ideal to reach corners and streets through which the larger buses cannot pass. Their compact size makes them ideal for narrow streets and historic city centres. In addition, given their capacity, they are a solution to the growing need for on-demand transport, a transport model that supports the most peripheral or difficult-to-access neighbourhoods in the cities.

Indcar has the widest range of minibuses in Europe, both diesel and gas, offering solutions from 7 to 9 meters and with different distributions that adapt to the needs of each operator.

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