As part of the presentation of the Mobi City gas urban minibus, Indcar and Iveco are making a roadshow through all corners of Spain. The minibus is taking the dynamic tests organized by Iveco dealers in Spain and the sensations cannot be better.

These weeks it has been in various Andalusian cities, and mobility experts from city councils and transport companies have been able to test the vehicle first-hand.

Urban gas minibus circulating

Sustainable urban minibus Indcar Mobi City CNG circulating through Carmona, in Seville.

Antonio Arana, commercial representative of the Andalusian Iveco dealership, Auto Distribución Hispalis points out: “what has most drawn the attention to this vehicle has been its spacious interior. Most of the operators have agreed that it is the first “real urban” minibus they have known. It is a miniature city bus. “

A very complete range to provide a solution to all cities

The minibus is the well-known Mobi City in its gas version with enlarged tanks. This 8-meter-long minibus has capacity for 32 passengers (17 seated and 15 standing) and ample space for passengers in wheelchairs or strollers. But the range offered by Indcar in this category is very wide, and in addition to this model, it also offers the Mobi City L7 model, 7 meters long and 2 meters wide, ideal for narrow streets and historic centres “with the different solutions that INDCAR has proposed, and especially with its MOBI CITY L7 model, we will be able to reach the most difficult corners of the historic centres of all Spanish cities, and this will open a very important path for us as has just happened in CÓRDOBA, where we have won the competition for the urban service of the historic centre with the IVECO DAILY CNG – INDCAR MOBI CITY L7 model. ” Antonio Arana told us.

The minibus: a growing type of vehicle for public transport in the city.

Indcar has opted for the expansion of its urban range, as cities are increasingly incorporating more minibuses into their routes and fleets. “At this time when we see that the demand for occupation of urban and interurban services has decreased significantly, I think that for operators, this type of vehicle becomes an ideal solution. These are vehicles that require less financial investment and lower maintenance and amortization costs. For these reasons, I am sure that the minibus will take a leading role in urban and interurban transport in our cities in the coming years.”

Gas urban minibus with extended tanks: a lot of autonomy for the operator

Indcar’s urban CNG range is characterized by its expanded tanks, a solution that has been very well received by operators, surprised by the great autonomy of the minibus. These XL tanks are an option that is also available for the Wing L8 tourist minibus and the Mobi L8 school minibus.

The roadshow with the Mobi City urban minibus will continue in the coming weeks through Madrid and the centre of the peninsula, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the north of Spain. If you want to see and try it, contact us and we will let you know when it will be in your city.