INDCAR has carried out new tests of the e-B6 electric model in the province of Barcelona with Sagalés.

The tests took place on February 8 in the municipalities of Parets del Vallès and Santa Pèrpetua de Mogoda, adapting the route to the company’s usual urban services.

Councilors and local authorities attended, as well as the mayor of Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda, Isabel García Ripoll, who were able to test the vehicle in person during its circuit through the city center.

The INDCAR by Bluebus e-B6 model is a 100% electric vehicle 6 meters long and 2.2 meters wide. It has capacity for 10 seated places, 23 standing places and 1 place for a wheelchair. It stands out for its autonomy in urban service and its onboard energy of 126kWh.

“It is a versatile, agile vehicle with a surprising design, which responds to current market demand and is designed to make efficient and safe urban journeys,” says Josep Riumalló, sales manager for this model in Spain.

The smoothness of driving, the maneuverability, the panoramic interior vision, the comfort and ergonomics of the driving position, the large space for on-board elements, are other of the main characteristics of the e-B6.

Riumalló also adds that “INDCAR will continue testing the demand of customers who need a compact and 100% electric vehicle, to offer a more sustainable and efficient urban service to its citizens.”

Image source: Sagalés