Brussels was the stage for the official presentation of the most autonomous electric minibus on the market: the Strada e-City. A fully electric vehicle, with a capacity for 22 passengers, Low Entry and batteries that make it the most autonomous vehicle on the market.

The vehicle is already in its final approval phase and has passed the strictest tests in Idiada and in real circuit. These tests certify, without any doubt, a very low consumption: 0.65 Kwh / km. There have been carried out different types of consumption tests:

– SORT1: circuit approved in IDIADA

– Circuit in Idiada simulating the TMB route

– Real TMB route with stops and in the summer bearing temperatures of 37 degrees

All thesetests have resulted in consumptions that remain very low, even with the air conditioning running. Thus, INDCAR can certify that the autonomy of the vehicle meets the uninterrupted 16 hours with the air conditioning running and in real urban circuit.


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