Last November 10 Daily Mobi were delivered to EAV (Ente Autonomo Volturno), a company that deals with regional public transport in Campania. The ceremony, took place in Naples at the headquarters of the Socom Nuova dealer which managed the delivery. The 10 Daily Mobi, class I urban minibuses, 70C18HA8 CC/P model, have a length of 7 meters, have 32 standing places and 8 seats, as well as a place for people with motor impairments, totaling 41 places which can increase to 44, in the absence of a wheelchair on board, thanks to the two folding seats.

The EAV minibuses are equipped with the latest generation of low-emission Euro VI Step E, 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission. The minibuses, made by Indcar, are equipped with a manual wheelchair platform placed in the lowered part to facilitate access. The vehicles, characterized by their compact dimensions, ideal for historic centers, are also equipped with all the latest generation on-board systems, such as video surveillance cameras, a multimedia system, an info-user system.

Sustainability is one of the priorities of the Volturno Autonomous Entity and is the prerequisite for the satisfaction of collaborators, shareholders and other stakeholders in the company. The quality standards of EAV are consistently oriented towards the needs, expectations and wishes of the users who benefit from the public transport it offers. The company carries out the regional public transport service by rail and road, takes care of the maintenance, modernization and upgrading of the regional railway network and manages the infrastructural patrimony.

The vehicles will be used for intercity transport in the province of Naples and will increase the large fleet of similar vehicles circulating in the Campania region. Founded in 1964, Socom Nuova through its offices in Naples, Volla and Grottaminarda represents a point of reference for the sale and assistance of commercial and industrial vehicles. A reality that has its roots in the values of commitment and transparency, which pays particular attention to the future with the ambition to always reach new goals.