The Italian city of Mantova has added 5 Indcar gas urban minibuses to its fleet thanks to the exclusive XL tank solution it offers. This is stated by Claudio Garatti, managing director of the APAM operator in an interview for the Italian magazine Autobus.

Double autonomy thanks to XL tanks

Indcar has developed this unique solution, in which, by replacing 4 tanks of the original chassis with two much larger ones, it is possible to double the gas capacity of the minibus and thus its autonomy. This aspect is key for many operators, who, like APAM in Mantova, need greater autonomy for the minibuses that are providing urban and tourist services in the cities.

Mobi City: the perfect minibus for the city

The Mobi City models are perfect minibuses for the city. With their small size, narrow turning radius and a lot of space and passenger capacity, they are, according to Iveco’s delegate in Andalusia, Antonio Arana, “small buses”.

Access to the interior of the vehicle can be made through two entrances in the front and rear part of the minibus, the latter with a lowered suspension and ramp for total accessibility of passengers with reduced mobility. Its bright and spacious interior ensures comfort and safety for the passenger at all times.

The Interior of the Mobi City is spacious and accessible.

The bright and spacious interior of the Mobi City CNG

The energy transition is easier thanks to CNG minibuses

Fabio Pannoli, Indcar’s area manager for the Italian market, states: “Today, gas represents a valid alternative to diesel engines to address the issue of the energy transition also in terms of economic sustainability. Furthermore, our vehicles are built based on the passenger’s needs in order to guarantee maximum comfort and safety”.

Indcar and Iveco Orecchia have been the partners of this operation

The operation has been carried out through a public tender by the Iveco distributor in the area, Orecchia. “APAM has been a partner of our dealer for a long time. And the supply of these minibuses is a further recognition of the quality of the products and the ability to adapt to the specific needs of our customers”, says Robert Ligteringe, commercial director of the bus area at Iveco Orecchia. Indcar urban minibuses have a strong presence in Italy, being the company’s most important market.

Urban Minibus Mobi City CNG IVECO INDCAR

Sales managers of Iveco Orecchia, Managing director of APAM and Sales Manager of Indcar

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