Urban transport consists of many different means of transport that are coordinated in order to offer citizens efficient, sustainable and quality public mobility alternatives. Buses, metro, trains, trams, bicycles … serve users to move from one place to another.

The advantages of the urban minibus: more accessibility

In this context, the use of the city minibus is a growing alternative in city transport, and there are more and more lines covered by this type of transport. The minibus and midibus offer many advantages for city transport. For example, one can reach places that larger vehicles cannot without the need for any special infrastructure. This is very important given the organization of the urban space in almost all European cities, with very large historical centres and narrow streets difficult to access by conventional buses.

A success story of the urban minibuses: Rome

The city of Rome is a good example of this. In a recent interview, Giovanni Mottura, CEO of ATAC (Rome’s public transport company) stated “The conformation of the city of Rome forces us to have minibuses capable of serving even central areas characterized by narrow streets and where loads, especially at certain times, are reduced. These vehicles are the key to increasing the quality of our service and covering some areas where large buses cannot reach.” In fact, the success of this urban transport typology is such that in the Lazio region, more than 200 units of Indcar city minibuses have been delivered since 2013.

In Barcelona the city minibus also gains ground

In Barcelona, the city minibus is also used to provide new services such as transport on demand in neighbourhoods with less population density or with very rough terrain. The success of this modality has made the Catalan capital consider expanding this service to other neighbourhoods in the city. Mobility within neighbourhoods is also carried out with minibuses, a more practical solution given the lower density of passengers and shorter distances, connecting citizens with the basic services of their neighbourhood (health centre, library, schools …)

A commitment to the future: in search of sustainable mobility

The city minibus is an alternative that is increasingly implemented in large European cities. With the new solutions with gas traction, it is also a sustainable and ecological solution, which improves the mobility network of cities with a low economic cost and with fewer emissions.

Indcar offers the widest range of minibuses in Europe, both with Euro VI and CNG engines. In recent years it has focused on urban transport, developing a wide range of class I and class II urban vehicles to provide solutions to the different needs that public operators have been raising.

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