Indcar has delivered through its dealer IVECO ORECCHIA the first batch of Mobi City to be operated by ATP ESERC for this Italian region, urban minibuses built on an Iveco Daily chassis. The five vehicles, to be used on the Montoggio line, measure 8 meters and have a Euro 6 engine. They are equipped with the best equipment on board in terms of technologies, safety standards and travel comfort, including the free Wi-Fi network that will allow passengers to use their devices while traveling. They have two entrances, the rear one, which is wider and provided with a ramp, allows disabled passengers to get in more easily. In fact, the buses are equipped with a manual platform for the transport of disabled passengers. There are also 4 seats for passengers with reduced mobility. Overall, the seats are 22 + 2, depending on the use or not of the disability area, plus 13 additional places for standing passengers. The heating and air conditioning system is independent for passengers and drivers. The buses are equipped with internal video surveillance that allows geolocation.