It is a tender for the Regione Campania from Italy. There are 64 units of the new MOBI CITY L7 model that will be delivered during the next weeks. ACaMIR (Agenzia Campana Mobilità Infrstrutture e Reti) has been the organizer of the tender that has been won through our Iveco distributor in the area of Naples, Socom Nuova SRL.

The vehicles are built on an Iveco Daily 70c14 chassis, Euro VI. They have capacity for 44 passengers, 8 seated and 36 standing. They are equipped with Hi-Matic gearbox, urban seats, manual ramp, internal surveillance camera, backdoor camera, emergency light, and with the most modern Transport Intelligence (ITS) system that guarantees a high standard of safety on board.

The guarantee of the high quality of INDCAR’s vehicles and its high production capacity have been decisive for wining this tender.