All European cities are experiencing a continuous process of fleet renewal. The objectives of reducing pollution and the 2030 agenda force the withdrawal of old vehicles from circulation. To this end, Potenza has received a batch of new minibuses. These 15 units of urban minibuses are built on an Iveco Daily 70c18 Euro VI chassis, with very efficient engines and with much lower emissions than their predecessors.

Fully equipped urban minibuses

The minibuses, Mobi City model, are 8 meters long, and have a capacity for 41 passengers (14 seated and 27 standing). In addition, they have a rear manual ramp for the accessibility of people with reduced mobility and a protective screen for the driver. They are also equipped with all the latest generation technologies for the passive and active safety of passengers and the driver.

Potenza’s urban transport has been managed by the operator TROTTA BUS since January 1, 2016, when it took over the concession. Trotta Bus has acquired the vehicles through the IVECO dealer in the area DIPINTO & DALESSANDRO S.p.A.

Indcar: more offer in the urban segment

Urban minibuses already account for more than 70% of Indcar’s total minibus manufacturing. The growth of this segment means that we are working on offering more versions to solve the transport needs that operators are raising. Indcar has so far two different models, the Mobi City and the Mobi Low Entry. The Mobi City minibus is 7,8 and 8.5 meters long and can be built on a diesel or gas chassis. The Mobi Low Entry is at the moment 8.5 meters long and is built on an Iveco Daily 70c18 diesel chassis.